Welcome to our Maple Product KNB Inc. Website! We are proud to inform you about our Maple Products harvested in Northern New Brunswick, near the beautiful village named Kedgwick.

You will quickly find out that our maple syrup, sugar, butter and chocolate are high quality products delicately handled to achieve the best results which great Maple essence has to offer.

With the help of our menu above, you will be easily guided through our many products along with all the information and contacts you seek.

Julienne Bosse, Owner of Maple Product KNB Inc. ,  Suzanne Philippe,Administrative Secretary.

Grade B syrup has a darker color and deeper flavor than grade A, but that doesn’t make it inferior. Many people prefer the more intense flavor of grade B. But this confusion may soon be cleared up in the minds of consumers.


Recently changed, the labeling system for syrup is in line with international standards. Now all maple syrup is grade A, followed by a color/flavor description:

  • (Light Amber) Grade A Golden Color/Delicate Taste 100%
  • (Medium Amber) Grade A Amber Color/Rich Taste 100%
  • (Dark Amber) Grade A Dark Color/Robust Taste 100%
  • (Grade B) Grade A Very Dark Color/Strong Taste 100%

Located in a region known for its endless forests and numerous maple sugar groves, S.K. Export is a buyer, packer and seller of maple products, specializing in crafting various products from this natural resource.


The maple syrup, sugar, spreads, chocolate and other products are all made from ingredients harvested in Northern New Brunswick, delicately handled to achieve the best quality. The exquisite maple essence is a delight for the palate!

From the tree to your table, discover maple products that will enhance each dish of your meal. Whether you prefer the traditional candies or enjoy a new twist on maple products, sweet or salty treats, maple for yourself or as a gift… there’s something for everyone, young and old.